Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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Day 01-02
Stay at carita beach and visit Krakatau volcano [ Day trip]

Day 03
Jakarata to bogor take one hr by car,and visit to Bogor botanical garden [Boten zorg].in this botani garden we can litle walk by and roud trip to see kinds of vegetation from all over the World.than visit The Orchid house.Types of Orchid are found. as finished, lunch the trip continue to Bandung via Puncak pass area,where the tea plantation are nice panorama to be viewed. 2 hr later, arive in bandung and Checkin to the hotel at Lembang [close to Tangkuban Perahu crater],break and stay.

Day 04
Morning couching,and after break fast visit to tangkuban Perahu crater, it take one hr by car, to see nine Craters of arive in tangkuaban perahu we exercise to walk down to Domas crater,its take an hour one way,Kawah domas located in the eastern of main Tangkuban Perahu crater and hot spring water found here. after lunch the trip continue to garut region south west of Bandung.Where the the papandayan crater,Kamojang crater would be  visited.3 hr drive on the car,once a while stop on the way to take photograph of rice field landscap in tasik malaya region. afternoon arivein garut and check in to thehotel at Cipanas tourist place.break and stay over night.

Day 05
Morning tour ,visit to kamojang crater which take an hr,and than drive to papandayan crater another1,5 hr on the car to get there. tecking and hiking up to the Queen crater on the top takes an hr.along the way to the top many object tobe viewed such as golden sulphor,gas and ash emerge from the small crater,as well the corps of vegetations are burned when it was explod in last 2006.
2 hr tour duration,in the afternoon, the car take us up to The Native of dragon Village,[Kampung Naga] in Tasik Malaya region. by late in the evening we will be arived in Pangandaran beach.break and stay in the hotel.

Day 06
Pangandaran sight seeing by visiting Green canon [Cijulang],game park, home industry and batu hiu becah,
continued trip to yogyakarta,by car passes cilacap harbour and drive away to Dieng plateau,stay overnight,

Day 07 Dieng-Yogyakarta
Borobudur Temple,Merapi mountains,Prambanan Temple,are the tours are we offer as long stay in yogyakarta,night live performance,sultan palace,and galleries,are object to be viewed.

Day 08 Yogyakarta - Bromo [ by plane]

Upon arival at Juanda Airport Surabaya,proceed tour to Bromo Mt. which take 3hrs by air conditioning car/minibus.Surabaya throughout 3 region up to Bromo those are Sidoarjo, Pasuruan and Probolinggo All the journey to the mountain Bromo are fine,and you drive from one hill to the others.Cemoro Lawang is our destination to visit,it is at the edge of Bromo caldera.Break and stay at the hotel.

Day 09 Bromo - Ijen Plateau
Awake up 3.30 in the morning and plan to breakfast at the hotel,one other thing you dont forget to wearing armer jacket or take rented.In the dark morning after breakfast The Jeep car passed on the Large desert caldera run onto hilup to pananjakan Mt,take an hour.once a while arived at Pananjakan waiting sun rising up from hides,you may taken a break drink a Cup of hot tea/cofee its an option. The Sun rising up from Eastern most of java and looking as like as a moon.and once you look down fare side Bromo covered by white smooth clouds.The tour duration within 2 hrs,and proceed down to Bromo crater,by walking either rent a horse to ride up. Back to the hotel about 9 o'clock and check out continue by car to Ijen Plateau, Ijen Plateau is a Volcano located in the Eastern most Of java Volcanos.Sempol is a place where we can find accomodation,break and is in foot hill of Ijen.

Day 10

The Ijen volcano complex is a group of strato volcanoes, in East Java, Indonesia. It is inside a larger caldera Ijen, which is about 20 kilometers wide. The Gunung Merapi stratovolcano (not to be confused with Central Java's Gunung Merapi) is the highest point of that complex.West of Gunung Merapi is the Ijen volcano, which has a one-kilometer-wide turquoise-colored acid crater lake. The lake is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation, in which sulfur-laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor. Many other post-caldera cones and craters are located within the caldera or along its rim. The largest concentration of post-caldera cones forms an E-W-trending zone across the southern side of the caldera. The active crater at Kawah Ijen has an equivalent radius of 361 meters, a surface of 41 × 106 square meters. It is 200 meters deep and has a volume of 36 × 106 cubic meters.after morning couching ,take on to the car move to Paltuding post a mine gate to Ijen crater,proceed by walk up to the crater 3 hrs return.When you arive at the crater ,round trip and see how hard the human climbing on the rock up to rim of crater by carrying atleast 70 kg of Sulphor.It is one Unique LIfe's might be seen in the Ijen Plateau.Afternoon tour continoue to Ketapang Harbour and take FERRy crossing Bali Bay,and transfer to Lovina beach ,stay over night at the hotel

Day 11

Transfer to the airport and Pick up service at the Airport then transfer to Jayakarta Hotel Senggigi, check in to the hotel. Free at your own leisure

Day 12

Our guide will pick you up at hotel lobby at 06.00 AM then transfer to Sembalun. Register the Rinjani Information Center (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang (1,156 m), meet your guide and arrange National Park entry tickets. Your guide gives you briefing describes the route details, local cultural traditions and what you might see, and explains rubbish management and safety procedures. The trek starts from Sembalun Lawang with the gentle ascent walking through open grassland used as cattle grazing by local people. Resting at Pos 1 Pemantauan (1,300), after about three hours from Sembalun we reach Pos 2 Tengengean (1,500 m) enjoying the beautiful views of Mt. Rinjani summit (3,726 m). After another hours ascent to Pos 3 Pada Balong (1,800 m), we start the step 3,5 climb amidst the pine-like Casuarinas species locally known as Cemara, perhaps seeing evidence of wild pigs and the long-tailed grey macaque monkeys to the camp site at Plawangan II Sembalun crater rim (2,639 m).

Day 13

At 03:00 AM starts is necessary for the hard three-hours climb to the summit (3,726 m) on volcanic screen. Once there, enjoy proud feelings of satisfaction and the amazing sunrise views across the Wallace Line to Bali, Mt. Agung and Sumbawa, after breakfast down to the lake Segara Anak (2,000 m) within the Rinjani crater. Mt. Baru is an island in the lake and an active volcano, last erupting dramatically in 1994. Return down the ridge passing numerous edelweiss plants Bunga Abadi to the crater rim camp for a well-deserved breakfast. It takes two to three hours down the steep trail to the crater lake and day 2’s camp. The rest of the day is spent relaxing, swimming in the lake and exploring the caves and pilgrimage hot springs, believed to have healing powers.

Day 14

After breakfast, leave the lake and climb for two and half hours up to Plawangan 1 senaru Crater Rim (2,461 m). After lunch enjoy the views of the lake from the other side, relax, explore and await the sunset. If the wind is cold, you may prefer to descend one hour to Cemara Lima and camp in the more sheltered forest.

Day 15

After breakfast, descend down the long trail to Senaru village (601 m), through thick tropical forests rich in flora, bird life and a variety of butterflies. You might see orchid and, if lucky, the rare black ebony leaf monkey, known locally as lutung. Rest stop are taken along the way, with village stories and local legends related by your guide. Features include the Batu Penyesalan stone and banyan tree bunut ngengkang that looks like someone standing with their legs apart. After seven hours walk from the rim, (or five hours from Pos 3 Mondokon Lolak), the trek ends at Rinjani Trek Center at the road head in Senaru, where the car is waiting to transfer you to the airport or Senggigi.

Trek conditions:

Sembalun Lawang - Crater Rim Sembalun: Gentle walk/hike
Crater Rim Sembalun - Summit: Extra careful, hard trek (fully guided - going up)
Summit - Crater Rim Sembalun: Extra carefully (fully guided - going down)
Crater Rim Sembalun - Lake: Extra carefully, steep and rocky (fully guided - going down)
Lake area - Hot springs: Relax, swim or fishing at the lake
Lake - Crater Rim Senaru: Extra carefully steep and rocky (fully guided - going up)
Crater Rim Senaru - RTC: Gentle walk, easy, beautiful panorama
Summit (top), Segara Anak Lake (crater), Hot Springs, Caves, Rim/Base camp, Panorama along the route, wildlife, flora and fauna.